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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Auto Ancillaries Top Companies in India by Market Capitalization - BSE,NSE

                                                          Auto Ancillaries
Company NameLast Price% Chg52 wk
52 wk
Market Cap
(Rs. cr)
Motherson Sumi331.600.94358.55206.2046,541.37
Amara Raja Batt928.051.281,077.00773.0515,852.25
Exide Ind186.401.11207.70116.0015,844.00
WABCO India5,200.15-1.516,542.004,760.009,863.43
Minda Ind325.750.15405.35159.052,584.07
Suprajit Eng191.85-4.53233.90130.002,519.73
Minda Corp89.05-1.00143.6085.501,863.92
Precision Camsh163.957.65188.20126.151,553.78
Gabriel India108.05-0.09129.7575.151,552.07
FIEM Ind1,154.200.401,509.95726.001,518.91
Jamna Auto184.00-1.45241.10124.901,465.31
Banco Products202.35-0.76241.5093.001,447.18
Sona Koyo Stee63.00-1.7975.4537.151,252.08
ZF Steering Gea1,293.000.921,815.001,150.001,173.18
Rane Holdings774.15-0.11984.00488.001,105.32
Steel Str Wheel676.95-1.17775.00296.901,051.54
JBM Auto241.70-2.30326.90101.00986.02
Automotive Axle630.65-0.64799.90510.25953.04
JMT Auto18.90-1.5646.8518.45952.24
Rico Auto58.400.7875.2527.70790.06
Hind Composites1,601.10-1.002,119.00780.00788.22
Rane Brake993.85-0.951,399.00300.10786.63
Amtek Auto34.400.2956.2030.60773.16
Munjal Showa192.95-1.68255.90150.00771.70
Lumax Inds818.20-0.82989.00380.00764.83
Jay BharatMarut306.50-2.53375.45114.00663.57
India Nippon554.90-1.30694.80315.00627.63
Sharda Motor1,054.10-0.561,438.00726.00626.80
Lumax Auto Tech441.10-1.56557.00288.00601.29
The Hi-Tech Gea316.75-3.72400.00220.00594.48
Harita Seating724.20-1.73790.00356.00562.63
Setco Auto36.95-0.1454.8028.10493.64
Munjal Auto Ind93.35-1.48117.8062.20466.75
Shivam Auto44.70-1.9766.3037.10447.00
Rane Madras415.55-1.09568.00267.00436.77
Phoenix Lamps155.601.50173.0091.75435.98
GNA Axles198.300.03275.55171.10425.66
Auto Corp Goa660.403.03752.00410.00424.08
Rane Engine625.35-1.98807.45442.00420.17
UCAL Fuel175.05-2.51235.8087.20387.10
Castex Tech8.883.0216.874.87335.77
Rajratan Global675.90-0.60875.00200.00294.14
Enkei Wheels182.10-2.54221.00125.00257.36
PPAP Automotive164.10-0.64204.50118.20229.74
Samkrg Pistons194.55-0.74256.00125.00191.06
Sundaram Brake460.95-2.11568.60235.00181.36
Bharat Seats55.10-2.8271.5033.10173.01
IP Rings243.501.42254.50109.65171.48
Talbros Auto135.35-0.29168.7083.00167.10
Omax Autos77.90-0.95103.4058.35166.61
Machino Plastic218.450.34234.00133.95134.06
Triton Valves1,308.95-1.211,700.00879.00129.59
Menon Pistons21.000.4827.3510.08107.09
Auto Stampings

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