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Monday, 10 August 2015

Penny stock tips for sure profit from Indian stock market

Beginner tips on Penny stock investing

To excel in penny stock investing one needs to have a good amount of skill as well as luck. Most experts argue to keep luck out of the equation, but nevertheless without luck it is not possible to earn out of any trading activity no matter how skilled and resourceful one is in trading. One can continue to home their skills in trading to an expert level however it requires some level of lick to intervene during your trading hours to get you the right stocks at the best rates. However, experienced penny stock brokers and traders will be able to identify a performing and dormant stock just by evaluating its past performance for the past few quarters. They rely on excellent penny stock tips and tricks that help the reap benefits out of this trade.

The purpose of penny stock tips is to arm investors with that kind of information that will enable them to make profits, avoid losses and thereby make penny stock investing a profitable venture. It gives them insights as to what kind of stocks to choose, how much to invest and when to let them go in a volatile market. Theory knowledge may appear good in papers, however, for real team trading one needs to have expert practical knowledge too which only will assure returns. Without the aid of practical knowledge and proper theoretical knowledge, penny stock investing will be just another gamble where profits might come or may not; like a game of casino.

The trick to master penny stock trading is to invest time in learning about the subject. The trade uses its own set of terms and terminologies that sets it apart from other commodity or securities trading. It is essential for traders to learn and understand each and all of these terms so that they do not feel lost when expert brokers and traders give penny stock tips. Research with the aid of books, trading literature and financial records will enable one to have a grip over the subject which once mastered will appear to be very easy and simple.

Once backed with adequate learning and training one has to chart out a financial plan and goals to be achieved with penny stock investment. The funds included and the returns expected should be drawn in line with the financial goals. It is good to have a mentor or guide to fall back upon who will be able to guide and show the right path when all seems wrong and futile in the stock market. They will help you develop the best plans possible with proper considerations for risk-return balance which ensured optimum use of your funds. The best penny stock investments are always backed by solid plans and reliable penny stock tips.

About the author

The author specializes in penny stock trading and gives various penny stock tips through his writings. He is based in Mumbai and is a noted penny stock trader.

Why should you keep good patience in the share market?

Finding the right source of information about the different stocks present in the market is very important for you. You need to concentrate on the behavior of the market and this can only be done by researching the market well. If you feel that you still do have some doubts about the different concepts of the stock market then it is very important to clear it in order to remain very safe in the market. There are different websites where you can get to know all the latest updates of the market and so you have to make sure that you try to get hold of the right and genuine website where for  stock tips and stock performances.

You should also try to make sure that you have a look at the past performances of the stocks as well. If you feel that taking risk in the market in not your cup of tea then you should not try to invest in the market. You have to try your best to make the maximum research so that you do not have to lose your money investing in the wrong stocks of the market. You also need to know and have a clear knowledge of all the concepts that exist in the share market. There are many stocks that are there in the market and so you have to know which stocks would help you to provide you with the right and the maximum profits. There are traders who like to spend a lot of time so as to get the exact information of the stocks. This is the right way to make good research of the market as this helps you to invest in the right stocks where you do not have to worry about your investment in the market. You should also try to know why should you keep good patience in the share market.

Know about the sensex
In order to keep track of the different stock positions you should always try to have a good look at the sensex or the stock charts. This helps you in making the right and the profitable way to get the best knowledge of the positions of the stocks and you can get to know which stocks would help you to get the best profit from the market. You would be happy when you find that your efforts have yield good result from the market. There are investors who try to invest all their money in the market without thinking of the consequences. This is really a bad habit and should be avoided so as to get the right type of income from the stocks. If you are not sure whether you should try to go for long term or short term investment then you should make good efforts to understand the benefits of both. You have to know all about the risks that are involved in the market. This is because there are always ups and downs in the market and so you have to get the best time where you can make the maximum gains from the market. Things are not at all simple in the stock market and if you fail to understand the market then you can never dream of making any good investment from the shares that you have invested in the market.

How to invest in the stocks online
You can also invest in online stocks from the comfort of your place. This type of trading helps you a lot to get the ultimate stocks but it is important that you get the best research done for the same. It helps you in saving a lot of your time and you would feel glad that you have put your best foot forward to get the maximum benefits out of your stock investment in the market. You have to understand all the different types of stocks that are there in the market so that you can get a wide range of different benefits. Thus you have come to know why should you keep good patience in the share market?

Commodity Trading System

Commodity trading in India

Indiawas a little slow in taking up this opportunity finally lifting the ban on commodity trading in the 2003 after 40 years of Indian independence. But the growth of commodity trading has been in leaps and bounds, probably to make up for the lost time, and has already crossed the 50lakh crore mark. An untapped market with a lot of potential, Indian commodities market grew at the rate of 51% betweenJanand Oct 2010. The demand for commodities inIndiais estimated to grow by 4 times in the next 5 years.

Reasons to invest in commodities

People invest in commodities for a number of reasons, some of which are given belowà

a)      it is an ideal opportunity for asset allocation

b)      protects you from inflation

c)      enables you to participate in the global demand growth

d)     helps you to increase your overall returns while maintaining the same risk level.

What is Commodity Trading?

FCRA or Foreign Currency Regulatory Act defines it as all kinds of properties which are movable other than actionable claims, securities and money. Simply put it means trading in commodity spots and commodity derivatives or futures.

Commodity derivatives like gold and silver, metals and crude oils, agro based derivatives like pulses, grains, oils and spices etc are traded at NCDEX or National Commodity and Derivative Exchange as well as atMCXor Multi Commodity Exchange.

Trading in commodity futures is similar to that of trading in equity futures wherein the investor takes a long position and sits on an investment made if he thinks that the prices of the same will go up. Alternately, when there is even a hint of the prices going down, he takes a short position and sells it off at whatever profit he can make. Keeping a commodity in spite of a clear indication of its prices going down results in an loss and should be avoided at all costs.

Different types of commodity trading

Commodity market inIndiais regulated by the Forward Markets Commission. The different types of commodity trading systems are à

a)      Spot Trading: generally carried out in wholesale markets, it involves any transaction where delivery takes place either immediately or within a very short period due to certain technical difficulties.

b)      Forwards Contract: This pertains to an agreement between two parties wherein they agree to exchange a particular commodity sometime in the future at the current prices prevailing in the market

c)      Futures Contract: Even though it is similar to the forwards contract, it is still standardized and transacted only through a futures exchange.

d)     Hedging: This is predominantly found in the agricultural sector wherein farmers insure themselves against a plausible poor harvest by buying a futures contract in the same commodity.

Size of the commodities market in India

Commodity trading primarily focuses on agro based products like grains, pulses etc, metals and crude oils, energy products etc and the commodity based industries contribute about 58% ofIndia’sGDP.  The turnover of various commodities acrossIndiaadds up to a staggering total of Rs. 1400 billion which is expected to grow manifold with the introduction of futures trading here.

Difference between directional trading and day trading

Directional trading in commodities occurs in cases of agricultural products which are generally seasonal as well as unpredictable in nature. In instances such as these, the prevalent pattern of the commodity traded is the determining factor. Whereas day trading happens when a particular commodity is purchased in the morning and sold off by evening.

Vision of Commodity trading in India

The commodity trading market inIndiaworks with a vision toà

a)      complete reduce the prevalent asymmetry in information and

b)      make a huge market available to farmers or end producers

These visions can be achieved byà

a)      bringing about a balance in the price information

b)      arranging for a better platform and price for the producer to hedge

This vision, once realized, will give more power to the farmers and end producers by letting them see the upside of the price and helping them to decide where to sell. This autonomy will in turn help in increasing commodity trading in India.

How to be a successful trader in the share market

Every person wants to be successful in life. We want to succeed or win in everything that he does in life. This is so because winning in any little or big thing that did give a particular feedback and we are encouraged all the more to do that particular thing. But, in the present world, success has utmost become a need or a necessity even. There is no room for failures, these days. As we already know success brings in a lot of perks with itself. It also satisfies a lot of needs, especially, our ego needs or our self-esteem needs. To succeed is everything these days. This needs for success has also lead to a lot of competition. People of the modern era have become very competitive. Of course, this competition leads to a lot of positive things like better performance, better focus and the list goes on and on. Also, it goes without mentioning, that we want and need to be successful not in just one field or area but in various areas. In the teaching line, medicine line, civil line and even the stock trading line. Various books are available in the market, which gives us access to valuable tips like how to have a winning streak in all kinds of areas or sectors.  Books like how to be a successful trader in the share market, how to crack the Bank Probationary Exam, how to crack the civil exams and even books on cracking various important and so on are really worthy to know. Reality knowledgeable writers who, in reality, have made their mark in their own fields of specialization write such books. They are really honored and respected in their field. The books thus, written by such writers have the ability to give a person great insights on his topic of interest. It is also easy to get access to these books. They are usually readily available in the market and also are not usually priced it very high rates. We can get all the information we want or need related to our topics of interest on various other platforms like the TV, newspaper, magazines and so on. We can get various stock tips from these various sources and they actually help a person in succeeding in the work for which he had taken the help of such medium.

Trading is a whole new ballgame

Trading is a whole new ballgame however, and by trading it is, of course meant stock trading.  Do we mean when we use the word stock trading? Well, at first let us understand the term trading. Trading is actually the act of buying and selling goods or even services in some cases. Trading is always done against a price. As we already know there is a price for every other thing in this world. Trading, of course, always involves people at least two in a general case but then it can easily involve a lot of people depending on what goods or service the related or involved, people are dealing with. As we know the meaning of trading, we can easily understand the meaning of stock trading. Stock trading is of course, same as trading but in case, stock of securities like shares, debentures, mutual funds, bonds and so on. Again, it goes without saying, that stock trading takes place at the stock market.

Kinds of securities

All kinds of securities are available in the stock market. Of course, it is a known fact, that it is not very easy for a person to understand from the infinite number of securities exactly on which one to invest in. an experienced trader thus should also try to know how to be a successful trader in the share market. That would help him to make the right decisions and even make good profits. After all that a person wants from his investment in the stock market is profits. A good trader would know exactly when to invest and in which kind of securities to invest. The choice of the company should also be good so that you can get the maximum returns from the investment that you make.

What is money market and how to earn profit from share market India

The finance of the country depends on the market. The total amount of amount collected by the government through the taxes and other sources add to the national treasury. The amount of money collected provides the government with the fund to invest it for the development of the country. The development of the country depends on the various factors such as the total intake of the taxes, the economic condition of the citizens of the   country and the total transaction. The rates of the products also depend on the economic condition of the country. The currency difference is also the outcome of the unstable economy of a country. So in order to get rid of all these factors the money market has to be very precisely understood and the drawbacks should be got rid off. But before going to the money market the most important question that arises what is money market?

About money market

Money market is nothing but the place where the money lenders and the borrowers are in the same place. Here in this type of market the borrowers and the lenders take direct part in the market. Money is the most important ingredient of the money market. This type of market is almost similar but yet different from the other type of market. The ebb and flow is identical and the rise and fall is not easily predicted. If you want to excel in this type of market, you need to make a very careful and serious study so that you do not miss even a second. The fluctuations take place in the difference of a second and a very close look to the market is required in order to understand its trends. A very small defect can ruin the whole market and hence there might be a hue and cry in the country. The taxation policies also affect the money market and hence the money collected from the taxes also takes part in this type of market. The rates of the market also influence the money market and the rates should be very carefully read and understood.

Leading luxurious life

The money market not only provides you with the image of the economic condition of the country but also shows various ways of saving the money for the future use. The procedures for saving the money are most commonly seen in the money market accounts. These are very safe accounts which provide the people with the ways of leading a luxurious life within a budget and saving money for the future use as well. These accounts keep in touch with the various procedures of saving the money. Moreover there are many ways of borrowing money at a very low interest rate. This can save a lot of money as the interest rate is much lower and hence the interest to be paid is minimized to a great extent.

MMA saving plan

There are many saving account plans in the money market plans as well. The most important and the easy plan is the MMA saving plan, wherein you can deposit your money and get an interest rate just like the traditional savings. The MMA provides you with the best possible interest rate and moreover you can also withdraw money at any time you feel its need. Moreover you will also have a registered account number through which you can keep in touch with the account. So this type of account is safe and moreover it also provides you with an interest as well. Moreover with the rise in the stock market the interest rate also increases. But there is no change in the interest rate with the downfall of the share market. Therefore you can always be in profit with such savings.

The money market also has a very significant role in building the economy of a country. The money market also guides the currency market as well. The people who understand what money market is can bring in revolutionary change in the economy of a country. Now when you have an idea what is money market, you can start dealing in this type of market and gain the maximum benefits from it. The people who excel in this type of market can draw a huge amount of cash in a very short period of time.

Indian Stock Market Tips

The Indian stock market is one of the most renowned stock markets of the world. It is so because the people in Indiaare very open minded when it comes to investing there money. More than so the people in Indiaare excellent business and they will leave no stone unturned to ensure that they earn profit. But it is not all that simple to invest and then earn profit in the stock market especially in the Indian stock market. This is because the Indian stock market is full of frauds and cheaters. As such when investing your money in the stock markets you have to be very careful and cautious. As such it becomes very essential that you at first learn the Indian stock market tips.

24 Stock exchanges in India:

As already mentioned the Indian stock market is one of the leading stock markets in the world. In fact after the New York Stock market people usually talk about the Indian stock market. It is to be noted that in the Indian stock market, stock exchanges are given right in certain specified areas only. As such there are a total of 24 Stock Exchanges listed in the Indian Stock market. These stock exchanges are generally found to operate in the regional level. Of these 24 stock exchanges Bombay Stock Exchange or the BSE is the oldest stock exchange.

Other stock exchanges:

A few of the other major stock exchanges in India are namely the Ahmedabad Stock Exchange, Bangalore Stock Exchange, Bhubaneshwar Stock Exchange, Chennai Stock Exchange, Cochin Stock Exchange, Delhi Stock Exchange, Guwahati Stock Exchange, Hyderabad Stock Exchange, Kolkata Stock Exchange, Mumbai Stock Exchange, Pune Stock Exchange, Jaipur Stock Exchange, Ludhiana Stock Exchange, Mangalore Stock Exchange, Vadoddara Stock Exchange, Sikkim Stock Exchange, Rajkot Stock Exchange, Patna Stock Exchange, etc.

It is not at all easy to invest the stock exchanges:

Though the Indian stock market attracts a number of investors to invest their money in these stock exchanges, it is not all that easy to invest in these stock exchanges. Investing in the Indian stock market as well as in other stock market involves a great amount of risk. Risk, in the sense that the investor may lose all the money that he had invested in the stock market. As such investing in the Indian stock market is like investing in a very risky venture.

The Indian stock market is in no different from the other stock market. Just like you might incur losses in the other stock market there is also every possibility that you incur losses in the Indian stock market as well. Profit and loss as we all know is an integral part of every stock market. There are times when you earn huge profits, while there are other times as well when you will incur great losses as well. We all have seen a wave. If you have noticed carefully that the wave has two situations of ebb and flow, where at one moment the wave rises (which is to ebb) and then it tends to take a downward trend (which is to flow). Similarly in a stock market there are situations when you earn excessive profits while at other times you tend to have losses. The Indian stock market just like any other stock market fluctuates rapidly. It is due to these fluctuations in the stock market that you earn profit at times and losses at other times. These fluctuations or changes are inevitable in a stock exchange. Also one of the most important features of the Indian stock market is that it changes very rapidly. So much so that there is no way that you can study the sequence in which it fluctuates. That is in other words it leaves no trail of the sequence in which it changes. As such it becomes very difficult to properly assess the consequences of our investments. As such it is advisable that you learn the Indian stock market tips.

Stock Market Tips

When we talk about Stock Market or Share Market the most basic term which should be understood is Investors. Who are the investors? There are some more terms too, which are necessary to be understood like how trading is done? Tips for the Share Market? What are Shareholders? Best Strategies to be used while investing in stock market? What are Bull & Bear Markets? And so on. There is a never ending list of terms used in Stock Market.

There are so many Investors who even don’t know how to invest their money in Stock Market and how to protect themselves in the Stock Markets? There are share brokers and stock market tips provider who help the investors to make a good decision in their investment.
Stock Market Tips:
Use Sell Stops order:
The first step to protect your downside in the Stock Market is through the use of Sell Stops and sells stop limit orders. It is referred to as “Stop-Loss order”.
Stop-Loss Order is an order to sell a stock when it reaches a certain price. If the share reaches the stop price, the order is then executed and stocks are sold at the market price.

Stop Limit Order:
Basically a Stop Limit Order is an order to sell stock ones a specific price is reached, as long as the price does not fall beyond the limit. If that particular share is reached to the stop price, the order is too translated into a limit order.
There is an Advantage of Limit Order- you have more control over the price at which the selling of stock will be undertaken. If the stock doesn’t reach the specified stop price then the order will not be filled.
Avoid being Stopped Out:
A Share is said to be “Stopped Out” when a stock falls to the sell stop price. Therefore, sell stop and sell stop limit orders are a good way to keep you on the correct path of stock market. Proper trading tricks should be used. It is suggested to place your order at an odd number because many traders place their stock orders at an odd number with enough place to account for the last potential round of selling.
Buy Stop and Buy Stop Limit Orders:
If in a market position goes down or the position moves against you then the Buy Stop and Buy Limit orders can be used to protect you. They are used to protect the profit or loss on Short Sales. A buy stop limit order is an order to buy a stock once a particular price is reached.
Putting Stops:
Sell Stop and Sell Stop Limits are a source for protecting out your investments. Sell Stop and Sell Stop limits keep the decision making process simple.
Two common methods to place stop orders are:
Place the stop price below the support level.
Avoid hitting the Buy Stops or Buy Stops limit- avoid round numbers. Place Buy Stops and Buy Stop Limits at odd numbers.
You have some options when your stock does Hits the Buy Stop or Buy Stop Limit.
Watch and notice how the Stock Trades.
To have a bold move, Go back in and place another buy stop to protect your downside of the investment.
Investors can protect themselves from Volatile markets and prevent from losses by using Sell Stops, Sell Stop Limits, Buy Stops and Buy Stop Limits. You should adapt the way you are comfortable with. Use them prudently to be on the right side of Stock Market.

Basic Rule of Indian Stock market and How to earn money from share trading!!

Basic Rule of Indian Stock market !!!
1. Whenever market is high it will fall soon.
2. Whenever market is low ,if there is no external factor then it will rise.
3. Same rules applies to stocks scripts also.
Everyone say's that when market is high we will invest in shares , as doing intraday trading is risky. However we say that when market is going high investment is not that safe as it doesn’t make any point blocking your money when SENSEX and NIFTY are already zooming high. Wait for correction to come and then buy at lower price. Till the time stick to intraday stock trading.
Best time for investment - when market is down, though by keeping fundamental’s in mind.
Best time for intraday trading - Everyday is best day for it. Condition being some professionals are assisting you with there analyzes of stock market.

How to earn in Bullish Indian stock market !!!
1. Always remember this is your hard earned money not anyone’s. So you have to take care of it and be cautious at every level, if you are taking calls from processionals then also.
2. Always follow Indian stock market.
3. When market falls, don't panic, when market zooming don't be overjoyed as you can earn and loose both ways around.
4. If market goes up you first buy and then sell and if Indian stock market goes down, you first short and then buy.
5. Never hesitate to ask for professionals advice.

How Croma Capital can help you !!!
Croma Capital is a leading Stock market call Provider firm based in India. We are a professionally managed company with focusing on high quality deliverables and client satisfaction , we analyzing Indian Stock Market daily.Our customers have realized some important benefits with us apart from high quality deliverables such as:-
1. We Provide less but highly accurate calls.
2. We excel in Mid Market calls, Stock levels and Nifty levels.All are highly accurate.
3. We provide stock market recommendations in cash, future and option, nifty and commodities with high accuracy.
4. We work as per our customer requirements. We take care of individuals requirements.
We are the only one who take cares of every kind of investor / Trader and provide scripts of all range and we Assures 90% accuracy for our Limited call package which is our jackpot package.