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Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Profile Details

Hello Readers,

i am Chandan Pandey from Delhi City, india,
CBO & Equity Analyst at Croma Capital.
i am a trader and retail invester for medium and long term.
i am a follower of THE SECRET STORY.
i Believe in Change the rule and Win the game.

My experiance for Stock market, always stay invested for medium and long term for better return.
i am investing in Stock market since 2014 and getting better results, return & experience everyday.

I have never try to do INTRADAY and F&O. I am always doing trading and investing on cash basis for long term and mid. term, i also suggest you never do this.


1) you can not ignore Fundamental studies before Buying a Stocks.

2) Before Buying a stocks always do Technical studies, its can’t ignore.

3) Never do Intraday and F&O, because 90% of people is losing their money in this.

4) Decide always fix time to ENTER & EXIT position.

5) Follow STOP LOSS strictly always.

6) Never do Averaging of any Stock, its chandan pandey view.

7) Always distribute your capital into Small cap, Mid cap & Large cap, in every sector.

8) distribute your capital into Short , Medium and Long term.

9) distribute your capital always - 30% in Small cap for Short term, 30% in Mid cap for Mid term and 30% in Large cap for Long term, rest of amount 10% save in ur pocket for good and bad time. = 100% money utilisation.

10) Do identify a TRENDS for making money , it can’t ignore and Ride a uptrend & down trend always.

11) Do not loose your patience in stock market.

12) Find a multibagger Stocks and stay invested.

13) Always invest in 15-20 stocks for good portfolio.

14) you can not ignore Banking stocks, it’s a heart of stock market.

15) Catch a right STOCK at right TIME.


If you want to catch me, can mail me at :-
or call us :- +91-95-4050-5454.
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