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Monday, 13 June 2016

List of Best Dividend Paying Stocks In India | High Dividend Paying Stocks In India | S&P CNX Nifty Best Dividend Stocks

Investors desire high return on investment. This is the reason why majority focus on capital appreciation. When I ask people to buy stocks for dividend income, they look at me with amazement.
People like capital appreciation more then dividend yield.
Dividend yields of stocks are low compared to potential price appreciation. But remember, price appreciations are never certain. Comparatively, certainty of dividend income is far higher then price growth.
Why champion investors love best dividend paying stocks more? What makes top dividend paying stocks so likeable by champion investors?

High growth rate is a priority for majority, but expert investors likes to have a balance portfolio. Portfolio focusing only on capital appreciation is not good. Inclusion of dividend paying stocks balances their portfolio. Expert investors also loves passive income.
Dividend income is one of the best forms of passive income. People who believes in passive income also loves stocks that pay dividends. Passive income in form of dividend is like an assured income.
Whereas capital appreciation (potential high growth) is not as assured.

For passive income lovers, it is essential to track and buy the highest dividend paying stocks. Not all stocks that pays dividends are best.
Expert investors does not like high dividend paying stocks just for assured income. Potential of dividend income to grow year after year makes it even more likable.
In this article we will provide list of best dividend paying stocks for passive income lovers.
Dividend payment is a process by which companies share its net profit with its shareholders. When companies increases dividend payout, it is actually giving a hint that its profits are improving.
Companies which are able to grow its dividend-payout year after year are an indication of fundamentally strong company.

What about dividend paying stocks we have here :
* Introduction about dividend paying companies and why expert investors love accumulating them.
* What type of companies can afford to distribute high dividends consistently year after year.
* The benefits of investing in dividend paying stocks that makes is so popular with both short term and long term investors.
* How we can identify best dividend paying stocks from list of mediocre dividend paying companies.
* List of top dividend paying companies with its last five year average dividend yield & payout ratio.

These companies are more confident about its future cash flows. Hence they dare to distribute large amount of PAT as dividends.Dividend stocks offer 2 clear benefits to investors. First, they generate short term income. This income is both consistent and also grows. Secondly, they also provide capital appreciation when held for long term. High inflation rate in India, makes other risk-free investments less lucrative.
As dividends are tax free, it clearly enjoys advantage over other risk-free options. The fact that dividend stocks can also provide capital appreciation makes them so special.Dividend Paying Stocks are Stable
Dividend paying stocks are very stable. Historically, price of dividend paying stocks waver less than other stocks. They have lower beta. We may not feel this benefit when market is fair. But when stock market crashes, dividend stocks stands tall.

There are more buyers of dividend paying stocks than sellers. But there is an exception during market crash. During market crash sellers dominate the market. During crash, market price of stocks falls. But this makes dividend stock holders even more happy. They buy more dividend stocks during every price-fall.
Dividend is a strong value indicator

Value investors considers high dividend yield as a strong value indicator. If a quality stock is yielding high dividend, it is considered as undervalued. Improving sales and profit figures are one of the strongest fundamental indicators of quality stocks. High profitability and low debt dependency is just like an icing on cake.
Companies which shares its profits consistently (dividends) are confident companies. This confidence comes with predictability of future earnings. Companies will never compromise its short term liquidity to please shareholders. So if a company is paying dividends it means that liquidity is in full control. Maintaining liquidity to pay its current liabilities is a top priority for any company. A company which is paying regular dividends must have sufficient liquidity to take care of its current liability.

Re-investment of Dividends is Key

Reinvesting dividend further increases the yield. People must invest systematically to accumulate dividend stocks. This way not only they accumulate fundamentally strong stocks but also increase dividend earning.
It is important to reinvest dividend that flows-in. This extra money buys more dividend stocks. This cycle continues. More stocks means more dividend, which again buys more stocks. It is said that Warren Buffett earns billion dollars alone in dividends. Let us set a personal target for ourselves. In next five years our dividend income shall be reach Rs 5,000/month. Let us start accumulating quality, dividend paying Indian stocks.

Best dividend paying stocks in India

Contant taken by-

Company NameLast
Div %
Dividend Yield % at these pricesDividend
52 High52 LowCurrent
Interglobe Avi980.103,516.9025.2150.3635.88view
Financial Tech82.90850.0010.0123.7820.51view
Oracle Fin Serv3,392.8513,300.0014.9621.4519.60view
Hind Zinc176.001,390.0014.1323.7515.80view
Indiabulls Vent21.45150.007.6122.9913.99view
Noida Toll23.1530.008.8513.8212.96view
Strides Shasun1,109.851,080.007.6412.759.73view
Rico Auto35.35300.004.7010.798.49view
Sasken Comm320.15270.006.2712.558.43view
Polaris Consult193.70300.006.6810.187.74view
Lakshmi Finance41.0030.
R Systems Intl55.70395.004.427.217.09view
Coal India308.50207.004.637.626.71view
Cairn India139.3090.004.708.456.46view
PNB Gilts23.7015.004.726.946.33view
JB Chemicals241.45700.004.406.305.80view
Bank of India87.3050.002.666.385.73view
Oil India350.00200.004.196.665.71view
Power Finance160.1091.003.236.495.68view
Rainbow Papers3.6010.000.265.715.56view
ILandFS Trans73.3040.002.636.255.46view
Canara Bank192.65105.002.916.735.45view
Shrenuj and Co3.7510.000.318.515.33view
Kothari Petro20.2010.003.258.554.95view
Hinduja Global414.00200.003.345.514.83view
Panoramic Uni10.5010.002.765.524.76view
Tourism Finance37.9018.002.605.184.75view
Lovable Lingeri270.30125.003.866.014.62view
Binani Ind66.2530.002.956.004.53view
Dhunseri Petro88.7540.003.536.044.51view
Guj Mineral67.45150.002.915.744.45view
Geojit BNP39.45175.002.976.244.44view
Weizmann Forex181.4575.002.154.964.13view
Tree House49.3020.000.434.194.06view
Morarjee Text43.3025.002.805.804.04view
Neyveli Lignite69.7528.002.964.664.01view
Andhra Bank49.9520.002.454.784.00view
Rashtriya Chem45.1518.002.935.123.99view
HCL Tech753.651,500.002.984.253.98view
Federal Bank56.80110.002.765.323.87view
Indo Thai Secu25.9510.003.386.513.85view
Kothari Product169.0565.002.395.273.85view
Karnataka Bank133.3550.003.165.903.75view
Hinduja Venture402.55150.
Indiabulls Hsg696.851,300.003.174.793.73view
Punjab & Sind44.3516.503.495.213.72view
Panama Petro55.20100.002.373.843.62view
Standard Ind20.8015.002.434.083.61view
Lakshmi Vilas83.3030.002.784.343.60view
GE Shipping308.85110.002.614.013.56view
RS Software91.4565.001.505.653.55view
Ansal Housing22.708.002.584.443.52view
Sicagen India17.956.002.464.743.34view
Tata Inv Corp510.15170.002.703.773.33view
AMD Industries27.
Bhageria Indu153.1550.002.735.753.26view
JK Bank64.65210.001.813.743.25view
Visaka Ind153.6550.002.655.683.25view
Accelya Kale1,116.90360.002.934.633.22view
Manappuram Fin56.2090.
Munjal Auto Ind78.10125.
Indo Rama Synth31.4510.001.994.433.18view
Muthoot Cap172.9055.002.624.653.18view
Gandhi Spl Tube236.80150.002.573.773.17view
Tide Water Oil5,660.853,500.
Balmer Lawrie583.80180.002.643.673.08view
Sun TV Network364.90225.002.584.403.08view
PTC India71.4022.002.944.403.08view
Precision Wires90.0055.002.754.993.06view
Vardhman Acryli32.9010.002.334.153.04view
Rain Industries32.9550.001.933.923.03view

Contant taken by-

Note : The Dividend Yield is calculated considering the total dividend paid as per the latest available profit and loss account or the unaudited results. The company may or may not continue to pay dividend at the same rate in the future.


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